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Webinar & Event Registration

If you need to invite a targeted set of people for your webinar or event, we’re here for you. We research prospects accordingly and generate a quality audience for your webinar & events.

Lead Generation

Our Lead Generation Services are designed to get results whilst giving our clients transparent reporting and full visibility of their active campaigns.

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We have dedicated team members with the necessary skills and experience, alongside the technical resources, to identify the best possible prospects for you.

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“We rebranded a key product offering, and DAK IT HUB GROUP aided the process by running ongoing lead generation efforts in the major cities where the release was taking place. Not only were the pre-qualified leads appreciated by the sales team, but every conversation Leads To Sales made on our behalf helped to solidify our new brand position.”

Marketing Manager

“Our efforts to re-engage clients with old products were aided by DAK IT HUB GROUP’s integrated approach. They were able to call the proper person, explain the benefits of our renewed product program, and forward eligible leads to our distributor network.”

Project Manager

“For accounts with which we don’t have the means to keep in touch, DAK IT HUB GROUP’s lead generation initiatives are an ongoing aspect of our annual marketing plan. The mix of outgoing phone and email drives visitors to quarterly promotions, and the database we create in the process is used for future campaigns. The outcomes are quantifiable, with a many-fold return on investment.”

Operations Manager

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